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Commercial & Restaurant Dishwasher Leasing

Simple & Easy Leasing Options for Commercial Dishwashers

We understand the difficulties of buying a commercial or restaurant dishwasher, which is why we make leasing easy. Choose from a great selection of commercial and restaurant dishwashers to help your business. Upgrade on your older model with one of the new or refurbished models we have available for lease. It is important to keep your restaurant running smooth and having a high-end commercial dishwasher is crucial.

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And when you turn to us to lease a commercial dishwasher for your restaurant, you get no charge service plus parts on customer leased machines. This allows you to have less stress when something goes wrong. You do not need to find anyone to come down and work on the dish machine. Our technicians will be there and get you back up and running at no cost.

Leasing a Commercial Dishwasher Smart for New Businesses

Owning a commercial dishwasher for your restaurant is the path for many. We have a great selection available for purchase, so we know what it takes. However, not everyone is in a situation to purchase a commercial dishwasher. One common reason to turn to leasing for a commercial dishwasher is when a business or restaurant is just starting out. Why? Well, new small businesses are often low on cash flow, so they simply cannot afford to shell out the money for a new dishwasher.

So, leasing a commercial grade dishwasher to start out can help save a small business their start-up cash to use in other areas. For example, instead of paying a few thousand dollars for a dishwasher, they can use that money for their first food order, their first payroll, or push towards their marketing budget. All of these aspects might be a better way to spend that early start up money. But the point remains that you need a commercial dishwasher, so having to lease it allows you to free up that money while still utilizing the best dishwasher possible.

Our Leasing Contracts Include Maintenance and Service

When looking to lease a commercial restaurant dishwasher, it is important to look at the fine print. While we offer free maintenance and service for those who lease with us, not all companies do. This sets us apart from the competition. And is another reason why leasing, especially early on in your small business run, is a smart move. If your commercial dishwasher breaks down for any reason, you do not have to pay a cent for the repair. Or even pay for the parts. This is all covered with your leasing contract. However, if you opted to buy a new commercial dishwasher with your start up cash, then a malfunction can be a costly setback for any business.

Get The Latest Rental Equipment

One ding on leasing is that you get the older models. However, we do our best to supply our customers with the best and latest in commercial restaurant dishwashers. Models that many small businesses, especially early on, may not be able to afford. Don't get stuck trying to save money and buy an older model from somewhere else. And thus, harming your own productivity. Lease a new or refurbished dishwasher that you know you can trust. And reap the benefits of using a superior machine!