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Commercial Kitchen Detergents

We Have a Great Selection of Commercial Kitchen Detergents

Commercial kitchen detergents are a different breed of detergent when compared to regular detergents. They need to dig deep and cut through grease and grime and wind up with a clean plate. Cleanliness is crucial when in a commercial kitchen or restaurant, because you simply cannot serve food on dirty plates. These plates need to be spic and span in order to serve to public. So getting detergents that match the job requirements can be tricky. But thankfully JM Products & Elite Services has you covered with the best commercial kitchen detergents on the market!

Here are some of the more popular detergents for commercial kitchens.

Blue Magic Pot & Pan Detergent

Blue Magic is a concentrated pot & pan detergent that is ideal for heavy duty grease.

Green Suds Dish, Pot & Pan Detergent

Our Green Suds detergent is an economy pot and pan cleaner. It is gentle on your hands and can also be diluted.

Premium Liquid Dish, Pot & Pan Detergent

Our Premium Liquid detergent is a dishwashing liquid that offers long lasting and abundant suds that quickly cuts through and suspends grease and soils. This detergent also provides a squeaky clean feel and look to all washes dishes. And it is gentle and non-irritating to hands.

Check out our full line of soaps and cleaning products. Get affordable prices for all of the commercial kitchen detergents and soaps we sell.

Our Soaps & Detergents

Located in Farmingdale, New York, we partner with many restaurants and commercial kitchens across Long Island and provide them with the best cleaning supplies on the market. On top of the kitchen detergents and cleaning supplies, we also sell dishwashers for use in restaurants and commercial kitchens. Check out all of the restaurant dishwashers we have available. Get top-of-the-line models when you turn to JM Products & Elite Services.

Cleaning a Commercial Dishwasher

As time goes on and you continue to use your commercial and restaurant dishwasher, grease and grime builds up. Which means it is important to stay on top of cleaning your commercial dishwasher. Otherwise, you risk the possibility of it breaking down or not being as effective during use. It is important to regularly clean your dishwasher, ensuring that everything run through it is thoroughly clean, too. You'll be surprised how quickly grease and food remnants build up and hinder your machine.

At JM Products & Elite Services, you can sign up for regular monthly preventative maintenance to ensure Health Department compliance at no extra cost. We work with commercial kitchens across Long Island, New York. Leave it to the pros!

Using the right chemicals is important for low temperature dishwashers, because they do not run at the heat levels of higher models that do a more natural job of self-sanitizing. Lower temperatures leave room for dirt to settle. When you can, we recommend to sanitize and clean at temperatures that do not naturally occur in your dishwasher. The higher the temperature, the more effective the clean. We can help you find the right chemicals in order to properly clean your dishwasher. And our dishwasher maintenance services means that you do not even have to think about what we do. Just trust us that its right. When it comes to cleaning your dishwasher, you can opt for powder, liquid, solid and metal safe detergents. But again, our staff can help you with this issue and clean your commercial dishwashers.