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Dishwasher Repair

At JM Products & Elite Services, we repair all types of dishwasher machines. We provide services and products for both high and low temperature machines, as well as lease to own agreements.

We are proud to offer our thorough and efficient dishwasher repair services throughout the New York and Long Island areas. Our commitment to excellent customer support allows us to provide our clients with the only highest quality products and services. Our professional technicians have years of knowledge and experience that ensure your washing machine is working properly and with the most durable components.

Different term lease payments are available for our dishwasher repair services and they are as followed: 36, 48, and 60 months. Payments are starting as low as $90 a month. We not only perform high quality dishwasher repair for those in the Long Island and New York area, but we do so at an affordable rate. You can count on our professional team to handle any issue that arises.

We also offer:

  • 15% to 30% savings on all cleaning supplies
  • 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency service
  • New or refurbished dishwashers with warranty
  • No charge service on customer-owned machines
  • No charge services plus parts for repair on customer leased machines
  • Regular monthly preventive maintenance to ensure Health Department compliance at no extra cost (Serve Safe Certified)

On-site training to staff is provided on the proper and most effective ways to use the dishwashers. Our dishwasher repair service will save you money and improve your business. You will learn the best ways to use your dishwasher, which will in turn extend the life of it, while not needing to have it serviced as often.

We encourage you to check the annual cost with your present supplier to compare prices. We guarantee a savings of up to 30% from your current supplier. Fixing and maintaining dishwashers is one of our specialties. We look forward to assisting you with dishwasher repair in the Long Island and larger New York area.

Dishwasher Repair and Maintenance Tips

Avoid Repairs with Your Commercial DishwasherES Series Restaurant Dishwasher

We know that you are focused on running your business. Owners and managers don't have time to spend on maintaining and repairing dishwasher machines. There are other aspects that require attention. This includes food, employees and finances. Well, that is where we come in! We offer reliable dishwasher repair and other valuable services for clients across New York.

While it's best to leave the repairs to the professionals, there are a few things you can do in order to help keep your machines functioning at an optimal level. Think of these machines like an automobile. Certain dishwasher repair jobs should not be attempted at home-like knowing how to fix the transmission or gasket, but you can do something simple like adding engine oil or wiper fluid. And we all know what happens when the oil goes bone dry. The engine stops running, resulting in serious problems.

Restaurant dishwashers are valuable pieces of equipment. All employees that interact with these machines should be knowledgeable about how they work and have a fundamental understanding of dishwasher repair, even if they're minor fixes. Spotting an issue before it escalates could save you money down the line when repairs and maintenance is needed on the dishwasher.

Clean Dishwasher Exterior

The dishes are constantly being cleaned inside, but what about the dishwasher itself? The equipment needs to maintain cleanliness as well. Following months of sitting in a typical restaurant, there is a strong chance that dust and grime will build on the machine. While commercial grade washers are mainly constructed of durable stainless steel, this metal still can be damaged. In fact, if the steel does not receive proper care, it will eventually corrode just like any other metal. We want that steel to be looking shiny and new.

When steel is manufactured as "stainless," it is given a thin layer of chromium. This is the layer that protects the steel from corrosion. So, it's not so much the steel that you are protecting, but the chromium layer. Something good to know about the thin exterior layer is that it will never become worn. Because of this durability, the cleaning process can be done as frequent as you wish, possibly limiting the frequency of dishwasher repair in the future.

Check The Manual

If one does exist for the specific model, use the manual to your advantage. It's extremely important to be at least generally familiar with equipment on which you are depending for all dishwasher repair jobs. Our technicians can help you with this aspect and instruct you on the proper ways the manual is guiding you. We don't expect you to know everything overnight, but in time you will be more acquainted with dishwasher maintenance and know about the signs leading up to repairs for your dishwasher. We can teach you all you need to know concerning this area.

Dishwasher Repair Experts!

JM Products and Elite Services is proud to provide its dishwasher repair services for clients across New York and Long Island. We understand the rigors the restaurant industry provides, but our services will ensure that at least your commercial dishwasher runs smoothly. For more information about our products and services, please reach out to us today. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about our repair products. The number for our office is (516) 513-0520. When you call, we can provide you with a free quote. We look forward to helping you with any of your dishwasher needs.