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JM Products and Elite Services has a great selection of products for sale, including restaurant dishwashers and liquid soaps. The restaurant dishwashers we have for sale are affordable and can handle heavy duty loads. Perfect for many different commercial settings and facilities, as well as restaurants and food service operations. When you opt to purchase one of our dishwashers, you can also get some of our great services, too. Be sure to learn more about our commercial dishwasher services.

And then there are the liquid soaps we sell, which are all effective for commercial and industrial cleaning applications. We have detergents, sanitizers, degreasers, and grill, oven and fryer cleaners in our selection of dishwasher cleaning supplies. The dishwasher cleaning supplies we sell work wonders and are perfect for many different industrial environments and restaurant operations.

Many across Long Island and the greater New York area turn to us for affordable cleaning supplies and reliable commercial dishwashers. Check out our full selection below.