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Kitchen Cleaning Products

Commercial & Industrial Kitchen Cleaners

JM Products and Elite Services has a great selection of commercial and industrial kitchen cleaning products. These cleaning supplies are perfect for restaurants, commercial establishments, and anywhere where with difficult cleaning tasks. Let's take a look at some of the most notable commercial and industrial kitchen cleaners we have for sale. We offer heavy-duty degreasers, effective cleaners, and tough detergents.

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For more information about all of the supplies we sell, please reach out to us today. We also sell and lease commercial restaurant dishwashers. The number for our office is 516-513-0520. When you call, we can go over whatever it is you need.

Kitchen Degreasers

B-Gone Floor Degreaser

Our B-Gone floor degreaser is the perfect choice for many different restaurants as it effectively cuts through the grease and grime you'd find in a kitchen. Working in a restaurant kitchen leads to a different kind of setting for dirt, grease and grime to penetrate. But with B-Gone, you will be able to keep the floors of your kitchen clean and up to code. Use for floor finish stripping and pre-paint cleaning, too.

Brute Force Grill, Oven, & Fryer CleanerKitchen Cleaners

Brute Force Grill, Oven & Fryer Cleaner

Our Brute Force cleaner is an effective cleaner for grills, ovens and fryers in your kitchen. It is fast, efficient, economical and, most importantly, super powerful. This new and improved kitchen cleaner easily removes encrusted and baked on grease and food from ovens, stove tops, burners, griddles and deep fat fryers. It is excellent at cleaning all of your heavy-duty kitchen equipment.

Formidable Multi-Use Lavender Cleaner

Our Formidable Multi-Use Lavender Cleaner is the go-to choice for many restaurants as their preferred kitchen cleaner. It is a concentrated lavender scented general use detergent cleaner that deodorizes and cleans all washable surfaces in a kitchen. After you use it, it does not leave a residue, so no rinse required. Simply mop on and let dry. Formidable leaves behind a refreshing lavender scent that will keep any restaurant kitchen smelling fresh!

Fresh & Clean Pine Cleaner

Our Fresh and Clean Pine Cleaner is a concentrated pine scented general use cleaner that deodorizes and cleans all washable surfaces in a kitchen. Fresh & Clean effectively attacks odors right at the source for a deep clean. And it offers moderate sudsing action, which enhances cleaning while allowing for rapid rinse and dry. And once the cleaning is done, our Fresh & Clean Pine Cleaner will leave behind a refreshing pine scent. Which only enriches the cleaning experience.

Kitchen Detergents

Green Suds Dish, Pot & Pan Detergent

Our Green Suds Dish, Pot and Pan Detergent is a leading economy pot & pan cleaner for those working in restaurant industry or commercial kitchens. It is gentle and safe on hands, which makes it an easy detergent to use. However, you can also dilute this detergent if you want and it will still be effective.

Blue Magic Pot & Pan Detergent

This concentrated detergent is ideal for heavy duty grease and perfect for using on pots and pans in the kitchen. Get an effective, deep clean every time.

Kitchen & Restaurant Supplies

Clear Vision Window & Glass Cleaner

Our Clear Vision Window and Glass Cleaner is a ready-to-use, ammoniated blue cleaner that delivers a shiny streak-free finish on glass, mirrors, and other surfaces not harmed by water. Simply spray it on and wipe it off. Clear Vision is equally effective when you apply via spray, wipe or squeegee operations.

Drain Fly Repellent

Our Drain Fly Repellent is a thick gel that effectively clings to pipes and drains to rid them of drain fly infestations. It repels annoying and unsanitary drain files with Citronella, which is a natural fly repellent. Drain Fly Repellent is biodegradable, non-toxic and non-caustic. The perfect supply for any restaurant kitchen to ensure of clean pipes and a clean workplace.