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ADC-44 Conveyor

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This high-capacity stage conveyor operates only when racks are inserted. This reliable machine is energy-saving and self-puring.
Auto fill, low water consumption and quiet operation are just some of the functions that come standard for this conveyor.
Processes 200 racks per hour.

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  • Auto Fill No Operator Controls
  • Energy Saving Stage Washer Low Water Consumption
  • No Circuit Boards Quiet Operation
  • Rack Saving Conveyor Drive 244 Racks per Hour
  • 360 Sq. in. of Washing Action Auto Cut-Off
  • High Capacity Heaters Self-Purging
  • Wide Opening Access Doors 11 Gallon Wash Tank with Safety Interlock 3 HP Wash Pump
  • Skirted Motor Compartment Dual Rinsing System
  • Heavy Stainless Steel Const.

JM Cleaning Supplies has a great selection of restaurant dishwashers, including our ADC-44 conveyor. Customers across Long Island, New York & New Jersey utilize our machines. We also offer affordable commercial maintenance packages.
Please contact us for more information about our commercial dishwashers. When you reach out, we can provide you with a free quote.