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Extreme Versatility: Only NSF approved machine that cleans utensils, pots, pans and dishes.

The HT-34 effectively cleans pots, pans, or utensils in the provided 29” x 29” stainless steel rack. Or wash dishes with standard dish racks.

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  • NSF Rating to Clean Pots & Dishes
  • 72 Second Time Cycle
  • Wash Extender for Extra Scouring Time
  • Patented Self-Cleaning Spray System
  • Autofill and Auto Shut Off
  • ADS Patented Low-Water Tank Clean
  • Built-In Scrap Accumulator to Keep Wash Tank Clean
  • 1.25 Gallons per Rack
  • 23” Door Opening
  • Powerful 3HP Wash Pump
  • Optional Built-On 70 Degree Rise Booster

Booster Heater Benefits

There are some key benefits when a dishwasher comes with a booster heater. Here are those general benefits:

  • Units will effectively remove food residue and provide rapid self-drying and sparkling dishes.
  • Units will ensure that the final rinse water temperature is hot enough to sufficiently clean the dishes.
  • More compact models will fit right next to dishwasher for easy storage and use.
  • Units are insulated in order to minimize heat loss and save both energy and time.