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Supplier of Restaurant Dishwashers on Long Island

Professional Service for Restaurant Dishwashers

Kitchen equipment for a restaurant or commercial establishment is expensive. So, if you are starting out in the restaurant industry and the upfront costs are worrisome or you are simply looking to save some money, then perhaps you have considered renting a warewasher. It is a short-term option to save money, but in the long run it is more beneficial to simply purchase a new dishwasher. JM Products of Long Island has a great selection of restaurant dishwashers that are affordable and of high quality.

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For more information about getting your hands on a dishwasher, please reach out to us today. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about restaurant dishwashers and their benefits. You can also call our office at 516-513-0520. When you call, we can provide you with a free quote. Many on Long Island use our restaurant dishwashers for their business. Check out the dishwashers we have for sale. We also offer affordable maintenance packages to help with the upkeep of these machines. As well as the ability to purchase the cleaning supplies for your restaurant and the detergents for your dishwasher. All at wholesale prices!

Buying is an Investment5AG-ES Restaurant Dishwasher

Renting a dishwasher can be enticing, since it does not come along with a huge price tag. A new warewasher can run in the thousands of dollars, whereas a rental may only run a few hundred dollars upfront. But over the life of the machine, the rental aspects will come back to bite you. Here are a few ways that renting or leasing can be troublesome:

  • Higher Insurance Premiums: Many rental companies require you to ensure each piece of equipment at total replacement cost.
  • No Tax Deductions: If you purchase a commercial dishwasher, you may qualify for tax benefits and earn money back. Any sort of deductions will not occur if that machine was simply rented out. And these tax deductions could be higher if you purchase an energy-efficient machine.
  • Buyouts and Penalties: If you sign a contract to rent a warewasher and your business goes under, then you will be left with high penalties or buyouts. Worst case scenario, if you own it, you can sell it. Not something everyone wants to consider, but something to keep in mind just in case.
  • Loss of Energy Efficiency: Commercial dishwashers use a lot of energy and water when used. You can save a lot of money in utilities by investing in an energy-efficient model. Rental companies rarely offer such a model, so you would be spending more money on water and power than you should.

When it comes to restaurant dishwashers and their maintenance on Long Island, JM Products has you covered. From purchasing and leasing to maintenance and repairs, we are the formative experts on the matter. Our technicians have worked on various restaurant dishwashers throughout the New York and Long Island area and can help you with any of your needs. Get professional care and attention when you turn to us!

Restaurant Dishwashers For Sale in New York

New York is home to many different types of restaurants and commercial enterprises that need high quality and affordable dishwashers. We carry a few different dishwashers that are great for use in restaurants. Among our selection of restaurant dishwashers are:

  • 5AG-S
  • ADC-44 Conveyor
  • ADC-66
  • ES Series
  • ET Series
  • HT-25

Each of these dishwashers comes with its own set of benefits. Check out our full line of dishwashers for sale and see which ones work best with your business.

Lease Agreements

One of the biggest benefits of going through us to get your new dishwasher is our ability to help you financially. We offer lease to own agreements to help pay for the costs of the machine. These installments are available at:

  • 36 months
  • 48 months
  • 60 months

All of these installments are dependent on your personal situation. We also offer 24/7 service, because you never know when a problem is going to arise. Warranties are also available on both new and used equipment. When it comes to restaurant dishwashers, we are your one-stop spot in New York!

Benefits of Restaurant Dishwashers

There are some very important benefits when it comes to the use of restaurant dishwashers. Below are a few aspects that you can consider when looking into how one of these dishwashers may be right for you.

No Drying Phase Required

One of the distinguishing characteristics of quality restaurant dishwashers is that they do not need to use a drying phase. This is due to the higher water temperatures. Once the wares exit the machine and are exposed to room temperature air, they will dry relatively quickly. This is to ensure a quicker turnaround to adhere to the rigors of running a restaurant. The dishes will be clean and ready for use in no time after cleaning!

Give Your Restaurant a Boost

Running a restaurant in New York is tricky enough, but there is no need to have your dishwashers and its service be tricky as well. With our great service to the restaurant industry, owning and operating a quality commercial dishwasher has never been easier. We provide on-site service and training to ensure you are properly using the machine. And if you would like us to service it, we offer maintenance and repair services as well at an affordable rate.